About Me

Hey there! I’m Michael Hodous, the founder of BackyardGardenistas.com. I’ve always been passionate about gardening, and I’m thrilled to share my love for plants, nature, and sustainable living with all of you.

Our Journey

BackyardGardenistas.com started as a personal endeavor to create a platform where gardening enthusiasts like you could come together to learn, explore, and connect with like-minded individuals. Over the years, my own gardening journey has taken me through countless challenges and rewarding experiences, shaping me into the gardener I am today. Through this website, I aim to inspire and empower gardeners of all skill levels to create their own backyard oasis.

What We Do

At BackyardGardenistas.com, we offer a diverse range of resources to cater to everyone’s gardening needs. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting, we’ve got something for you! Our website is packed with informative articles, step-by-step guides, and practical tips that cover a wide array of gardening topics, from cultivating beautiful flower beds to growing your own organic vegetables and herbs.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to help you become the best gardener you can be. We believe that gardening is not just a hobby but a way of life that fosters a deeper connection with nature and promotes environmental stewardship. Through our content, we strive to promote sustainable gardening practices, eco-friendly solutions, and an appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.

Join the Backyard Gardenistas Community

We are more than just a website; we are a community of passionate gardeners from all walks of life. Whether you want to share your gardening journey, seek advice, or simply connect with fellow enthusiasts, our vibrant community forums provide a space for meaningful discussions and interactions. Together, we can learn, grow, and make a positive impact on our surroundings.

Let’s Grow Together

No matter where you are on your gardening journey, BackyardGardenistas.com is here to support and encourage you every step of the way. We are constantly updating our content, introducing new ideas, and featuring guest experts to keep the gardening knowledge fresh and exciting. So, roll up your sleeves, grab your trowel, and let’s get gardening!

Thank you for being a part of our growing community. Together, we can turn our backyards into beautiful havens of greenery and joy.

Happy gardening!

Michael Hodous Founder, BackyardGardenistas.com